Town Numbers

Town Manager: 574-848-4853

Town Hall/Clerk 574-848-7007

Police Business 574-848-4464

Fire Dept. 574-848-4155

Water/Sewer 574-848-7931

Street Dept. 574-848-4036

Twp. Trustee 574-848-7024

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Town Hall

303 E. Vistula St. Bristol, IN 46507

Council Meetings:

3rd Thurs. of each Month 7pm at Town Hall.

Work Session the Tues. prior to 3rd Thurs. Open to Public

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Town Officials

Town Manager Mitch Mitchell

Town Hall/Clerk Mary Ryman

Town Marshal Mike Albin

Council President Jeff Beachy

Council Member Cathy Burke

Council Member Del Schrock

Council Member Whitney Pierle

Council Member Floyd Lynch

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Wastewater Treatment Plant

Plant located at 1300 West Vistula Street Bristol, IN

Telephone: 574-848-7931

Bristol’s Treatment Plant is considered to be the most efficiently operated plant in the State for the size of the community.

Head Operator John Supper and Technician Tim McCandess are confident that the facilities are prepared to provide for future customer expansion with the expected location of businesses and industries to the Bristol area.

- Capacity

In 1998, the plant received a four million dollar renovation to take it from 250,000 gallon flow to 750,000 gallons

- Best State Water 2012

In the month of February, 2012, Bristol received recognition as the best water in Indiana and competed in a national competition where they came in 5th in the Nation.

- Testing and Tours

Supper demonstrates essential lab tests, while McCandess conducted a tour of the facility and showed an example of over 300,000 individual media filters used in the large blue tank. According to Hathaway, the water that is released into the river is cleaner than the river water itself.

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Street and Maintenance Department

Plant located at 802 Bloomingdale Street\

Telephone: 574-848-4036

Bristol’s Street/Maintenance Department employees Wendell Bowen and Dave Love wear a lot of different hats as they provide services for the Town.

- Repairs and Replacement

Keeping Bristol’s infrastructure in repair requires constant maintenance and is a full time activity year-round. They assist with Town decor, like flowers and wreaths.

- Pickup of Storm Damage

Frequent storms call for pickup of branches and limbs. Maintenance does pickup storm damage, but other removal of tree or branch disposal should be handled by the homeowner or the private contractor. Call Town Manager at 574-848-4853 for info.

- Leaf Pickup & Snowplowing

Once the leaves are on the ground, Town Maintenance begins the annual leaf pickup, which generally continues until the week after Thanksgiving. After that snowplowing begins for the winter season.

- Park & Cemetery Maintenance

In addition to their many other duties, the Maintenance crew maintains the parks and the Town cemetery, as well as assisting water and sewer in any emergencies or breakdowns.