•Does the Town take large trash items?

No we do not.  However, you can contact Borden Waste Away 574-293-8534 for a pick up.  There are fees that go along with Borden to come out.  The Town does have a Spring and Fall clean up days.  On these days you are able to come and get rid of your large unwanted items.

•Does the Town have hazardous waste pickup?


•Where do I put my recyclables? 

You can take your recyclables to Harding’s.  On the east side of their parking lot they have receptacles for recycling

•When are brush and leaves collected?

Leaves will be picked up starting October and ending November.  We will also have a spring/Mid-April leaf pick up will be done too. Brush pick up is the 3rd Thursday.

•What can I leave at the curb for trash pickup? 

Borden pick up only what is in the Borden trash receptacles.  Trash pickup is every Wednesday.

•Who do I call if my trash wasn’t picked up?

You will need to contact Borden 574-293-8534 to report you trash not being picked up.

•How can I report a crime?

The Police Dept. can help answer this question.

•How can I register to vote?

You may register to vote in person at the Voter Registration Office,
117 N. Second St., Goshen (lower level). You may also register to vote in Indiana by mail on a simple, pre-addressed form that you can pick up at public libraries, county clerk's offices, and license branches. You can also register online at https://indianavoters.in.gov

•What are your hours?

The Town Hall is open M-F 8am – 4 pm.